For the budding bassoonists out there, I thought you should know about a great iPhone app I can highly recommend. It’s called Tenor Tutor, and it’s a great way to start learning tenor clef. It allows you to set the range of notes you want to use. (Why waste time learning notes you’re never going to play?) You can choose to have key signatures showing (which it will randomize) and you can specify the maximum number of flats/sharps to show. There are more options which I won’t cover here – but once you have the options all set, you just go back to the main page and the app will start putting notes on screen for you to identify – basically like flash cards. You tap the note name (or on one of the accidentals) and the app will tell you if you got it right. It plays the correct pitch if you get it right using a piano sound that plays back in the correct octave.  

This app quit working when iOS 8.x came out, but I’ve been beta testing for the developer since then, and all the finishing touches are done on the newest version, which now runs correctly on all the iPhones regardless of model or iOS.  It costs $1.99 which seems like a bargain to me for something that’s so convenient to have on your phone. Here are a few screen shots from my iPhone 4S: 

Tenor Tutor

Main Screen

Tenor Tutor

Set the Scoring Method. (Notice you can also set it for Alto Clef.)

Tenor Tutor

Setting the Pitch Range

Tenor Tutor

Setting Up Key Signatures

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