I just got started reading Keith Johnson’s “Brass Performance and Pedagogy.” I’m only on page 2 and have already read this:

   “The most successful teachers are those dedicated to the highest musical and academic standards in their own professional lives as well as in their expectations for their students. They settle for nothing less than the students’ best efforts. They are uncompromising in what they expect from their students, and they are willing to do battle with inferior teachers, parents, and administrators rather than lower standards for the purpose of ease, personal advancement, or the convenience of serving a mindless bureaucratic system. A well-known newspaper columnist once remarked that he was deeply suspicious of any teacher who had not been fired at least once. In an age of indifference, physical comfort, and instant gratification, a demanding teacher is virtually a subversive. So be it. Teaching is about change, and the dedicated teacher’s values are predicated on the importance of the subject matter and its value to the life of the student and society. It seems as good a place as any to take a stand.”

I think I’m really going to like this book!

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