CD Front and Rear Covers


In late 1998 I recorded a CD of mostly original compositions. It received airplay later that year on PRI’s nationally syndicated radio program Jazz After Hours. A few months later, Jacksonville, Florida radio station WJCT brought me into the studio to feature the CD on their Jazz program “This Is Jazz,” and be interviewed by hosts Bob Bednar and Madge Bruner. Here are some excerpts.

Bob Bednar : I opened it up and before I read the liner notes I popped on the CD … And I said “My heavens, this is wonderful.” … and then I read the liner notes and lo and behold it’s a local gentleman. Then I paid a little bit more attention to the fellas who were working with Steve — who is a tenor and baritone sax man, in addition to the composer and arranger on all of these things — and heavens, they’re all great UNF [University of North Florida] players … So it’s an all UNF, all-star band.

…What I call [a] terrific CD.

It reminds me a little bit of some of the things Tadd Dameron did with Fats Navarro and Sonny Rollins and those people.

Madge Bruner : It’s just great writing.

Bob : It’s pleasant music. It’s easy. It’s the kinda stuff you hear it once or twice and you go away humming. And that may be anathema to some of the things that are happening in jazz today, but it’s what I love. 

You were almost born 40 years too late. I mean, if you put this CD out in the middle of the 50’s when jazz was king … this would be running out of the stores. It really would. 

That’s definitely out of the Blue Note, Verve, post-bop, 1956/57 Hank Mobley, Kenny Dorham, Jazz Messengers school, no question about that, which is 5 stars in our books here at Stereo 90.

Madge : I don’t think Steve had any idea it was going to be quite so well received.

Bob : It’s terrific.



Here are three original tunes from the CD…


A somewhat reflective tune that depicts a lazy morning. Reminiscent of a Wayne Shorter style perhaps.


A tune that waggles around, not sure where it wants to go – until it finally decides to be a nice hard bop tune.

 “Samba de Squirrel”  

The first tune I ever wrote, this is a simple melody over a relaxed jazz samba rhythm section.