Steve is an accomplished woodwind player, having freelanced in jazz, blues, salsa, commercial, and symphonic music for over 20 years on any/all woodwinds. He owns and plays 15 instruments, and teaches private lessons on all the woodwinds. Steve maintains an active performance schedule in all types of music, with a concentration in jazz, musical theater, and commercial music. In the past, he has been a “computer guy” and a pilot. 

Steve plays all kinds of music, from jazz, to musical theatre, to classical, and all points in between. Below is a partial listing of some career highlights. If you would like a full CV, please get in touch with via the  Contact Form  and he’ll be happy to send you one.


I’ve played in combo and big band settings for decades. At this point, I can provide jazz in any style, and in a variety of configurations. Here is a partial list of some of my experience in this genre:


Here are some of the classical pieces I’ve performed:


  • Petr Eben – Sonatina Semplice (flute)
  • William Hurlstone – Four Characteristic Pieces (clarinet)
  • Arthur Bliss – Pastoral (clarinet)
  • Schubert – Shepherd on the Rock (clarinet)
  • Schumann – Romance #3 (oboe)
  • Erwin Schulhoff – Hot Sonata (alto saxophone)
  • Milhaud – Scaramouche (alto saxophone)
  • Muczynski – Sonata (alto saxophone)
  • Lennox Berkeley – Sonatina (flute)
  • Erwin Dressel – Partita (alto saxophone)
  • Vivaldi – Sonata No. 6 “Il Pastor Fido” (tenor saxophone)
  • Ravel – Bolero (tenor saxophone) – with the Meridian Symphony Orchestra
  • Prokofiev – Lt. Kije (tenor saxophone) – with the USM Symphony Orchestra
  • Mozart – Rondo in D (flute)
  • Creston – Sonata for Alto Saxophone and piano 

Musical Theatre

I really enjoy playing in pit orchestras for musical theatre. It’s extremely challenging to rapidly change instruments, and instantly change from one style to another, no matter how disparate those styles may be. Here are just a very few of the pits I’ve done: 

  • Addams Family – flute, alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Chicago – soprano and alto saxes, clarinet, picc
  • The Producers – alto flute, oboe, clarinet, tenor sax
  • The Music Man – picc, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
  • A Chorus Line – picc, flute, E-flat, B-flat and bass clarinets, alto sax
  • Hairspray – flute, clarinet, alto, tenor and bari saxes
  • Les Misérables – E-flat, B-flat and bass clarinets, tenor recorder, picc, flute, clarinet, alto sax
  • West Side Story – lots of E-flat clarinet, plus a few others I don’t remember!
  • Annie – flute, clarinet, alto and bari sax
  • Aida – flute and alto flute
  • Putnam County Spelling Bee – alto sax, flute, clarinet, oboe
  • Beauty and the Beast – oboe, english horn

Blues, Pop, Rock and Other Commercial Music

I’ve pretty much lost track of all the different bands with whom I’ve played rock, funk, soul, latin, and other miscellaneous types of pop music. Playing salsa is a particular favorite of mine, but anything is fair game. Here are some of the gigs that stick in memory as being fun or memorable for one reason or another: