I’ve been using my Zoom H4n to make recordings of recitals for several years now, and I’ve been getting so many requests for this that I decided to formalize this as a “business unit” within my overall music business.  In other words, I am now charging for this service. 😉 I have the terms of service posted on my web site here, but in a nutshell, this is how it works:

For $150 I’ll come early to your recital, set up the device and set the recording levels, recording everything with the H4n’s built-in microphones (which are fantastic, BTW). After the recital, I’ll master the recording for best audio quality, create the individual audio files (in one of three formats), post them online and email you a link so you can download them.

I am not a “trained professional” but I’ve done enough of these now to understand where the device needs to be placed for the best sound quality.  If you have specific preferences (i.e. you want it to sound like it’s in a cave, which some classical players want [which I will NEVER understand]) let me know in advance, and I can accommodate those type of requests.

Again, for the specifics, please take a look at this page.  And don’t hesitate to send comments or questions for me about this service.