Just a short note to let you know about my latest acquisition – a used Amati ABN41JS bassoon. It’s certainly not a Heckel, but I played it for about 30 minutes today and it’s a solid improvement over my plastic Linton. It came in for low seven hundreds, and will need some minor repairs. By the time I get a good bocal I expect to have a little over $1000 in it.

Quick specs:

Maple body, silver plated keys, high D, extra low C touch, left thumb whisper lock, adjustable height crutch, rollers under right pinky, left pinky, and right thumb (except G#).

Will get some serious bassoonists to help me identify any more problems, and then it will make the pilgrimage to Andy’s Music in Mobile, AL, where Donald Morris works his magic (and suffers my crazy requests!).

Once this bassoon is ready to run, look for pics and a review here, and an update to my gear listings as well.